High-end Finishes, Part 2: Moldings and Trim Detail

This is the second installment in our series of short articles about what we think qualifies as high-end finishing for homes. These are the little things that can add a “wow factor” to interior spaces or simply give your home a timeless appeal. In the first article we discussed lining up the trim of windows and doors. In this one we discuss how craftsmanship plays a vital role.

High-end Equals High level of Craftsmanship in Moldings and Trim

Molding detailIt might sound obvious, but when it comes to installing moldings and trim the better the craftsmanship, the better the look and the better the wear and tear. Crown moldings come in many shapes and sizes, but a true craftsman will add some special touches, including edge and corner details, that will give the finish a high quality, high-end appeal. Some of these details are so small and the tolerances so tight that the finish carpenter might make a cut four to five times to fit a piece of trim that is only an inch or two wide. The finish carpenter should also be gluing AND nailing the trim into place to keep gaps from forming over time. One trick I’ve learned over the years is to have the carpenter be in charge of filling in nail holes and blemishes instead of the painters. After spending all that time measuring and cutting, the carpenter does not want a blot of putty to spoil the look. He wants to leave the trim perfect and ready for a finished coat.

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