High-end Finishes, Part 3: Baseboard Moldings

In Part 3 of our series of short articles about what we think qualifies as high-end finishing for homes, we look to the floor for a detail that can really add a quality look to your interior.

Large Baseboard and Simple Shoe Moldings

Baseboard and Shoe MoldingOne of the differences between a custom home and a home that is one among many that is being built by the same builder is the size of the baseboard moldings. As a builder, when you are building 10-20 homes you can save quite a lot of money by buying smaller, less-expensive trim for all the homes. But spend an extra few hundred dollars on your single home and you can get a much richer look. It makes a big difference. I like to finish these moldings with a shoe molding with the same stain as the floors for an added touch of craftsmanship and to protect the base trim.

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