Before and After: Vancouver Bathroom Remodel

Longtime friend and whip-me-into-shape personal trainer Sherri McMillan called recently and said she wanted a few changes to her Felida neighborhood home in Vancouver, WA.

First, this owner of the two-location Northwest Personal Training wanted to update her master bathroom, which came with some pretty standard finishes from the builder of her home.

Second, she wanted a multi-purpose and low-maintenance backyard that was equally friendly for her two young children and for her busy schedule.

“All we had in the back was just swampy, wet, and moist,” she says. “In the bathroom, everything was always cluttered. We never had any storage.”

Our team stepped in to recreate the backyard space. We replaced the old concrete slab with a new stamped concrete patio, then added solar lighting, a gas line for a grill, a built-in fire pit, and a few modifications to the sprinkler system. The hardest part of the job was removing and then reinstalling the hottub for the redo. (If you’re thinking of doing something like that yourself, think again!)

The changes resulted in a space that’s easier to maintain and better for entertaining. “Now we do way more outdoor parties and we have outdoor movies with the kids,” says McMillan.

For the bathroom remodel, we worked with a friend of Sherri’s on cabinet design, which greatly improved storage in the small space. We added lighting to the vanity and downlighting in the cabinets. We also made one simple, but hidden, improvement to the bathroom cabinets. We installed plugs inside the cabinets, so items such as hair dryers can be plugged in and stored in the same space.

We also helped Sherri find a remnant granite slab to upgrade the look from the old laminate tops. A new copper-colored specialty sink, new tile, and shower glass finished the space.

“There are so many pieces to the puzzle.” McMillan says. “It’s nice to have someone to project manage it and make the process more efficient.”

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