Why Should I Hire a General Contractor – Part 3

Save Your Sanity

One of the most important reasons I think you should hire a general contractor is peace of mind. There are simply thousands of things that can go wrong during the build or even years from the time it was completed. To help this, most general contractors provide a warranty on the work performed (I provide a 10-year warranty on my homes) so you do not have to worry if something goes wrong in a few years. The last part of saving your sanity really gets to the root of every big, professional project. You want the project finished.

Things happen in a house build or remodel that cause some tasks to get delayed or simply not get finished: A piece of drywall needs to be patched because an electrical box needed to be moved; a newly installed wood floor needs to be repaired after the painter scratched it with a ladder; the finish tile on the bathroom was a special order and needs to be installed two weeks after the house is otherwise finished. These little things happen and they add up to a lot of unfinished work. General contractors have relationships with their sub-contractors and enforce best practices. They are used to dealing with these issues and sometimes can do the work themselves so the project moves forward.

A general contractor has the skills, patience and follow-through to work through these last details to get the job done and to get you moved back into your new home or into your renovated kitchen.

While this information is coming from a general contractor, and I do have a bias, I strongly believe the value I bring to custom home building and renovations greatly outweighs the costs. Experienced, licensed general contractors will save you time, money and sanity. And you will love the finished project.

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