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Fall Fix Ups: Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter »

If you’ve lived in the Northwest for any length of time, you know that the rainy season is a long one. Everything becomes water-logged and sodden. It is important to keep you house dry to avoid any major damage that water can cause and to provide your family with a safe haven from the rain.

10 Deck Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Deck Looking Great »

There are a few things that when done periodically will keep your deck not only looking good but in great shape as well. A sharp looking deck adds a whole new dimension to a fine home, while a deck in poor repair or in need of a simple cleaning can markedly detract from the home’s […]

11 Things to Consider Before You Build an Outdoor Kitchen »

The truly excellent outdoor kitchen is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing, a place you and your guests will want to spend some time.

7 Great Play Structures for the Back Yard »

The play structure is a great update to a back yard and gets the kids out of the house during these Summer months.

Can Cheap Granite Countertops Help You Sell Your Home? »

A cheap slab of granite can make a nice upgrade to help sell a home in certain circumstances, but are you sure it’s really as cheap as you think?

Aging in Place: Garage and Gardens »

A properly set up yard, garden, and garage can allow green thumb seniors to practice their hobby while they age in place.

Aging in Place: Bathrooms »

Bathrooms are a major consideration for aging-in-place upgrades, if for the simple reason that there are hazards that go hand-in-hand with the slippery surfaces found in most of them.

Aging in Place: Kitchens »

When people begin to consider living throughout their senior years at home, the kitchen becomes a major consideration and a place where a little thought and attention can really help make it safe, accessible, and useful.

Aging in Place: Entryways and Hallways »

The proper design of entryways and hallways is crucial to homes that are set up for aging in place.

Review: Tankless vs Traditional Hot Water Heaters | Pros and Cons »

Tankless hot water heaters provide instantaneous hot water because they heat the hot water as it is needed. Traditional hot water storage tanks hold and heat a pre-determined amount of water so that water is hot and ready to use whenever you need it.