Funny Comment Log – Backlinks and Linkspam Provide Morning Laughs

Update: Ironically, this post is attracting the most absurd comments, so check the comment log below for these.

We always appreciate comments on this site, and sometimes we even get legitimate ones. Most of the time, however, the comments we get are nonsense, or in Russian, or both.

They come from offshore minions who are hired by online businesses to write relevant comments in order to get them published. They often place links in their comments, or link to sites on their profiles, to try to attract traffic to their own sites and to get “bonus points” from search engines (esp. Google) for these links back to their sites.

This is called comment backlinking and is a form of linkspam. It used to be a very devious way to build backlinks to sites, which in turn made the sites look more important to search engines and could increase their rankings. Our site (as with most modern sites) is equipped with a “no-follow” tag added to comment links. This piece of code tells search engines to ignore the backlink value of these links. While not all blogs use this tag, more are every day making this type of linkspam effectively obsolete.

Nonetheless, this still occurs and leads to some funny comments because they are generic enough to be cut-and-pasted into the comment form. However, they may also have been run through an online translation service because they often make no sense at all.

We’ll post the funnier ones here as we receive them. When we have time, we’ll even translate some of the Russian ones.

Here’s the first batch, in order of most recent:

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  1. I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

    Jennifer Lancey | Feb 4, 2010 | Reply

  2. My website for my White Hat SEO buissens was doing really well in the local search results. It’s not a huge buissens just a small one which is slowly growing and some idiot has gone and done reverse SEO on my website – I have spent days removing URL’s in my webmaster tools account and adjusting my robots.txt to block folders that never existed but appear to be in these links. There are also hundreds of search=? queries for all kinds of things, viagra, penis enlargement, florida holidays, hairstyles and so on – you get the jist! However the search queries keep re-appearing in the crawl errors, I have submitted a reconsideration request. I have worked hard on my website and done everything to the Google Rules, my website was on page 1 for many search terms related to my buissens and (my phone was beginning to ring regularly), it showed up for mainly local keywords and it seems a competitor must have done this because they could not get past my website. And yet Google have set all these rules and caused this new trend of internet crime which is simply affecting buissenses overnight, and now I read that even if I manage to get rid of these links I did not build my site will not go back to its original positions. I might be a small fish, but everyone who owns a website works hard to make their money and to support their families etc, what right have people got to go an do this for Google to pretty much shut a buissens down – luckily I do have clients and I have lots of word-of-mouth buissens too! It’s funny how my site is still doing just fine of Yahoo and Bing! If this carries on Google are going to cut their own nose off to spite their face and people will start to favour other search engines to work with! Does anyone have an answer to stop and remove this reverse seo from competitors?

    Dede | Oct 22, 2015 | Reply

  3. Jag tar också gärna en lott! =) Blir alltid så glad och inspirerad när jag kikar in till dig och ser din fantastiska alster!Ser framemot att få se dina alster som gästDT hos Mollys!Kram/Cattis | Apr 28, 2016 | Reply

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  6. I definitely think you’re right about how important the midweek runs are, but they are the first ones to get cut back on when I’m busy or tired. And water fountains are so icky!

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  7. dit :Rose fluo ! J’adore !Violette, je te kiffe ! (ça fait des années que je ne te l’avais pas dit, la dernière fois c’était à l’époque où j’espérais récolter du trafic en commentant sur ton blog, c’était donc sincère mais intéressé, mais aujourd’hui c’est complètement désintéressé, c’est beau !)

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